Mediachain Deploy is a one-click tool for creating and configuring a mediachain node in the cloud. Deploy uses DigitalOcean’s API to automatically create a low-cost ($5/month) private server on your behalf. All you need is a DigitalOcean account and an API key, and Deploy will install mcnode, the main mediachain node software from the concat project.

For more information, see the blog post introducing Deploy, or just go to the Deploy site and give it a try. If you sign up for your DigitalOcean account with our referral code, you’ll get $10 of credit, which is enough to run your node 24/7 for the first two months.

Controlling your node

Once the Deploy process is complete, make sure to click the button to “Save Your Credentials!”

With mcclient installed on your local computer, you can use the credentials file to set up a secure tunnel to the remote server and control it as if it were running on your local machine:

$ mcclient --sshConfig ~/mediachain/mediachain_node_67.205.161.186.json id
Peer ID: QmQD6ZkWFQWsAt3hA71V9zjCyphQ7q62sWAYwPrUMXTnaN
Publisher ID: 4XTTMBoNJsmDEhKYRypFbcUwxvny5w57syL6KDbhUFX7yCnjp

Be sure to replace ~/mediachain/mediachain_node_67.205.161.186.json with the location of your saved credentials file!